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Firefighter/EMT or Paramedic

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Posted on September 27, 2019

Salary: $4,361—$5,301 Per Month +3% COLA EffecƟve September 22, 2019Deadline to Apply: Open UnƟl Filled First‐round screening set for October 16, 2019DEFINITION Under supervision of a Fire Captain, fights fires; performs rescue and emergency medical care; parƟcipates in fire prevenƟon acƟviƟes; operates and maintains firefighƟng, EMS, and rescue equipment; performs fire staƟon and grounds maintenance; and does related work as assigned. EXAMPLES OF DUTIES These examples are intended only as illustraƟons of the various types of work performed. The examples of work performed are neither restricted to nor all‐encompassing of the duƟes to be performed under this job Ɵtle. (E=EssenƟal Duty; M=Major PorƟon of Time) Serves as hose operator in firefighƟng situaƟons, including pulling working lines and direcƟng fire streams; raise, lower, and climb ladders; and assist in overhaul and salvage operaƟons. (E,M) Responds to rescue and medical aid calls, provides emergency medical care, and transports paƟents to the hospital. (E,M) Cleans and inspects equipment, makes minor and major mechanical repairs and adjustments. (M) Cleans and tests fire hose. (E) Operates radio, telephone and computer equipment. (E) Cleans staƟon quarters and equipment. Maintains knowledge and proficiency related to Ukiah Fire Department Rules and RegulaƟons, fire hazards, firefighƟng techniques, and related subjects. (E) Assists and/or conducts fire prevenƟon inspecƟons, and other related acƟviƟes. (E) ParƟcipates in fire drills and training exercises. (E) Responds to emergency calls during non‐duty hours. (E) ParƟcipates in conƟnuous training in fire prevenƟon inspecƟon and suppression through both simulated and on‐the‐job exercises. (E) Works 48‐hour shiŌs and overƟme as required and assigned. (E) Performs other duƟes as assigned. KNOWLEDGE OF Principles, pracƟces and procedures of modern EMS, firefighƟng and ambulance operaƟons as they relate to the protecƟon of lives and property. OperaƟon and maintenance of the type of apparatus, tools, and equipment used in modern fire fighƟng acƟviƟes. PracƟces of emergency medical care and rescue operaƟons. ABILITY TO Communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in wriƟng. UƟlize modern office technology including, but not limited to, operaƟon of a computer (PC) and use of basic database and Word programs. Deal effecƟvely and courteously with the general public. Understand and carry out oral and wriƩen direcƟons. Operate apparatus and equipment used in modern fire fighƟng acƟviƟes. Establish and maintain cooperaƟve working relaƟonships with fellow employees and those contacted in the course of work. Work flexible hours. Work 48‐hour shiŌs (or more) with liƩle or no sleep or administraƟve assignment to a 40‐hour schedule, and overƟme as required or assigned. Perform strenuous exerƟon under handicaps such as smoke, cramped surroundings, extreme temperature, loud noises, and high places. Employment Opportunity FIREFIGHTER/EMT (Entry‐Level or Lateral)A partnership of the City of Ukiah and Ukiah Valley Fire District
ABILITY TO (CONTINUED) Work in hazardous situaƟons with possible exposure to toxic parƟculate substances, explosive and electrical hazards, and radiaƟon. Think and react quickly in order to make informed decisions in extremely stressful situaƟons. Demonstrate a high degree of mechanical apƟtude. Wear protecƟve clothing and equipment, which weighs over 50 pounds. Have visual acuity and color percepƟon in both emergency and non‐emergency acƟviƟes which includes near vision, far vision, and night vision. Hear at levels that allow the incumbent to perceive and interpret low volume noises. Stand for extended periods of Ɵme. Climb ladders, fences, or walls that require liŌing arms above shoulder level & working at heights greater than 10 feet. Walk over rough, uneven, slippery, or rocky surfaces, and possibly walk for extended periods of Ɵme. Drag a vicƟm weighing more than 160 pounds out of a building unassisted wearing full firefighƟng PPE including SCBA. Perform physically demanding tasks under extreme fluctuaƟons in temperature. Ability to put on full firefighƟng PPE within a period not to exceed 60 seconds. Ability to feel changes in temperature in zero‐visibility condiƟons. Enter and crawl on hands and knees through zero‐visibility buildings/rooms with a fully charged hose in hand wearing full firefighƟng PPE and SCBA. While on aerial ladder, maintain balance & a secure posiƟon while direcƟng water through a charged hose line at fire. Drag charged 1½ or 1¾ inch hose weighing over 75 pounds for 150 feet unassisted. Carry 150‐foot hose bundle weighing over 40 pounds up 2 flights of stairs while wearing full firefighƟng PPE and SCBA. Work in extreme weather condiƟons. Bilingual desired, but not required. See job descripƟon posted online at hƩp://‐descripƟons/ for complete list of necessary abiliƟes. NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS If hired as a Firefighter/EMT or Paramedic, must obtain Coastal Valley EMS AccreditaƟon within 60 days of hire. Possession of a valid Class C California Driver License. Possession of a California State, IFSAC, or Pro Board Firefighter I CerƟficaƟon, or successful compleƟon of an accredited Firefighter 1 or CAL Fire Basic Academy. Hazardous Materials First Responder OperaƟonal Level CerƟficaƟon. CerƟficates and licenses must be maintained as a condiƟon of conƟnued employment. Must have valid CPAT card (within 6 months) at Ɵme of appointment. Must pass a pre‐employment physical exam in accordance with NFPA 1582. As a condiƟon of employment, a person employed in this classificaƟon aŌer June 1, 1985 must be a non‐user of tobacco products in any form and shall refrain from smoking tobacco or any other substances. The City is currently in negoƟaƟons and seeking to establish a residency requirement that would require Firefighters/EMTs to reside in a locaƟon that would allow response to the staƟon within 45 minutes of noƟficaƟon of report.COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Salary: $4,361 to $5,301 Paramedic Certification Pay: $325 per month Retirement: CalPERS “Classic” members: 3%@55 with employee contributing 10% of pre‐tax salary. “New” members: 2.7%@57 with employee contributing 12.25% of salary. Ukiah does not contribute to Social Security. Leave: Vacation Leave is accrued at 291.2 hours per year and increases with City service. Credit for prior public service will be considered. Sick Leave is accrued at 144 hours per year. Health Insurance: The City pays 85% of the premium for medical, dental, and vision plans. Longevity Program: Upon the seventh anniversary date of employment, and each year thereaŌer on the anniversary date, a full‐Ɵme employee will receive $1,000. Upon the 12th anniversary date, the amount increases to $2,500 annually; at the 20th anniversary, the amount increases to $3,500 annually.Uniform Allowance: $1000.00 per fiscal year. Education Incentive Program: 2.5% of base salary for intermediate fire certificate, up to 7.5% of base salary for advanced fire certificate. Additional Benefits: Other benefits include City‐paid membership in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for employee and eligible dependents; optional participation in supplemental health coverages through AFLAC, optional participation in pre‐taxed Unreimbursed Medical and Dependent Care Assistance programs; optional participation in Air Ambulance; and optional participation in Employee Credit Union and Deferred Compensation 457 Savings Plans.
EXPERIENCE Entry‐Level: One year of career or 2 years volunteer Firefighter experience in a recognized, organized Fire Department is required. Lateral: Must be currently employed in an organized fire agency and have 2 years full‐Ɵme paid experience as a firefighter. Extensive experience in the provision of emergency medical care must be documented. EDUCATION High School diploma or equivalent, with associated reading, wriƟng, and speaking skills. Paramedic preferred. SELECTIONAll applications will be reviewed by a screening committee and those applicants who are qualified will be invited to an examination process which will consist of the following: CPS Entry‐Level Firefighter wriƩen test. Requires a passing score of 70% to move to the next step; Oral Board Interview. Requires a passing score of 70% to move the next step; An eligibility list will be established ranking candidates by their overall scores. Top candidates will be invited to an interview with the Fire Chief as part of the selecƟon process; Physical Ability Test. PROBATIONARY PERIOD Employees serve a twelve month probaƟonary period. If performance is not saƟsfactory, an employee may be terminated or returned to their previous posiƟon without cause or recourse during this Ɵme. APPLICATION PROCESS ApplicaƟons are available at the City of Ukiah, 300 Seminary Avenue, Ukiah, CA, or they may be downloaded at ApplicaƟons must be filled out completely and received by the Human Resources Department at 5:00 p.m. on the final filing date. ApplicaƟons will be reviewed by a screening commiƩee and those applicants who appear to be among the best qualified will be selected for the examinaƟon process. This process may include a variety of techniques designed to test applicants’ knowledge, skills and abiliƟes to perform the duƟes and responsibiliƟes of the job. An Eligibility list will be established by ranking candidates by their overall score and a selecƟon will be made from the candidates on this list. All employment offers are subject to a thorough Public Safety background check, City‐paid physical, drug screen, and psychological examinaƟon. ApplicaƟon materials are available from: City of Ukiah ‐ Human Resources 300 Seminary Ave Ukiah, CA 95482 Phone: (707) 463‐6272 Note: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract