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Santa Rosa , CA
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Parks and Grounds Maintenance Worker II Time-Limited

County Of Sonoma
Santa Rosa, CA Full-time
Posted on October 14, 2018

Parks and Grounds Maintenance Worker II Time-Limited

$3,857 - $4,687/Monthly

Minimum Qualifications

Education: The ability to read and write English and to make basic mathematical calculations at a level required for successful job performance.

Experience: Any combination of experience that would provide the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and abilities listed. Normally, two years of experience in semi-skilled building construction, repair, maintenance or groundskeeping work which included the use of trucks, light mechanical machines and hand tools would provide such opportunity.

License: Possession of a valid California driver's license.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: The techniques related to the care of lawns, plants, shrubs and trees; propagation, planting, cultivation, pruning, spraying and fertilization.

Working knowledge of: Basic construction materials, safety practices, and tools commonly used in parks and building construction, repair, maintenance, and groundskeeping work; semi-skilled carpentry, welding, masonry, and plumbing and electricity; the calibration and mixing of herbicide or pesticide sprays, and of other means of controlling weeds, insects and parasites; preventive maintenance and safe operation of trucks, gardening equipment, machines and power tools; occupational and safety programs related to the maintenance, repair, operation, and care of landscaped and paved areas.

Ability to: Follow oral and written instructions; perform a variety of light and heavy semi-skilled manual parks and building construction, repair, and maintenance tasks for extended periods and under unfavorable weather conditions; effectively assign, coordinate, supervise and review the work of other assigned personnel engaged in the maintenance and care of landscaped areas; set priorities to comply with departmental work management systems; accurately complete report forms, keep simple records, make simple reports and provide materials and cost estimates for supervisor's review; perform landscaping work to include the propagation, transplanting, cultivation, pruning, grafting, trimming, spraying, and fertilization of lawns, plants, shrubs and trees; plan, install and maintain a variety of hydraulic and electric sprinkler and drip-irrigation systems; drive, operate, and adjust equipment such as trucks and/or fork lifts, tractors, riding power mowers, power edgers, blowers, aerators, renovators, chain saws, wood chippers, power sprayers, and related equipment; work different shifts, weekends and holidays at various locations throughout the County, and to wear a uniform and demonstrate physical strength, endurance and mechanical aptitude that relate to the work performed as well as work effectively with other employees and to answer questions from general public. The ability to acquire a pesticide applicator's license is highly desirable.