Mendocino Community Health Centers

Ukiah, CA


Our Mission The mission of MCHC Health Centers is to provide the highest quality healthcare for everyone in our communities. Our Vision We help ensure primary healthcare is available to all who seek it in Lake and Mendocino Counties. We base decisions on our core values: excellence, access, community and compassion. Our Strategic Goals Quality: Demonstrate quality outcomes that meet the needs of our increasing patient populations, so people know they can depend on MCHC for quality care. Patient Experience: Earn our patients’ trust and encourage their engagement in their own care by optimizing their experience at MCHC. Employee Experience: Make MCHC a place where people love to work and feel proud of their organization. Fiscal & Growth: Be financially sustainable by making sure scarce resources are used productively, redesigning systems to meet current and future patient needs, and increasing market share. Community: Create collaborative partnerships in Mendocino and Lake Counties to improve access to and quality of health care.

Jobs at Mendocino Community Health Centers

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Mendocino Community Health Centers
333 Laws Ave, Ukiah, CA