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Redwood Coast Regional Center   Ukiah, CA   Full-time     Social Service
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Posted on October 9, 2020
General Scope of Responsibilities: Under supervision, the Service Coordinator is
responsible for identifying needs, developing plans, coordinating services, monitoring
services, and providing advocacy for a caseload of persons with developmental
disabilities,consistent with the Lanterman Act, applicable statutes and regulations, and the agency
Specific Types of Job Duties:
1) Develop and ensure implementation of person-centered Individual Program Plans (IPPs)
for all Clients assigned to the caseload, consistent with current agency philosophy,processes, and documentation standards.
2) Periodically monitor the status of implementation of the IPPs for all Clients assigned to
the caseload, completing required case documentation consistent with current agency
and/or state standards, e.g. Periodic Progress Reports, Client Development Evaluation
Reports, case notation, etc.
3) Provide support and guidance to Clients, family members, and/or guardians or conservators regarding developmental disabilities, services and supports that may assist the Client and/or family to achieve their desired goals and objectives.
4) Assist Clients and/or their families to access publicly available resources (e.g.
Medical, schools, California Children Services, Mental Health, transit, etc.) and to identify naturally
available resources in their lives and communities that may assist them to live a full and inclusive lifestyle.
5) Collaborate with and/or consult with agency or external multi-disciplinary resources to assist Clients in identifying their needs and in determining plans to meet their needs.
6) When necessary, make referrals to agency vendors/service providers to meet Client IPP objectives, follow current agency standards for requesting and authorizing Purchase of Service funds.
7) Perform assigned monitoring responsibilities to licensed residential facilities and/or other vendored services used by Clients on the assigned caseload, consistent with current agency standards for the facility or service.
8) Provide advocacy directly or indirectly, as appropriate, to ensure that the rights of Clients
on the caseload are fully protected, including the civil, legal, and administrative rights granted to all citizens as well as those specific to persons with developmental disabilities.
9) Provide information to Clients, their families or legal guardians/conservators as to the resources available to them, the possible impacts of their disabilities on their lives, etc. Also, provide information and education to persons in the community (e.g. public agency personnel) about persons with developmental disabilities as to their abilities, rights, legal protections, and other related matters.
10) Identify and assist Clients in making best use of cost-effective or no-cost means of meeting their needs in meaningful ways.
11) Participate in agency and external trainings as appropriate and available to increase professional knowledge and to remain up to date on standards of best practice in the social services and developmental disabilities fields.
12) Cooperate as needed with public agencies (e.g. schools, Rehabilitation, Medical, CCS,
Mental Health, etc.) to provide necessary information and assistance to ensure coordination of services to the benefit of the Client and/or family.
13) Maintain confidentiality of all records and information that the Service Coordinator becomes aware of in the course of serving persons with developmental disabilities, disclosing information only consistent with the requirements of the Lanterman.
14) Participate in such agency work groups, committees, or individual assignments as needed to enhance skills and abilities or to improve the functioning of the agency to better serve Clients.
15) Assist agency On-Call Team Members when contacted after regular business hours regarding emergencies involving Clients on assigned caseload.
16)Other duties as assigned