Part-time Water operator needed in Jenner, CA

Timber Cove County Water District   Jenner, CA   Part-time     Manufacturing / Production / Operations
Posted on November 2, 2023

Part-time water operator needed 3-4 days a week. no experience necessary

The salary is $25.00 an hour without water certifications and $30.00 an hour with D2/T1 certifications

Send resume and cover letter to


  1. Observes variations in operating conditions and adjusts as needed.
  2. Performs filter backwash procedures as outlined and records appropriate data.
  3. Responsible for checking all pertinent equipment on a regular basis and making minor repairs and responsible for reporting to the supervisor(s) all needed repairs.
  4. Monitors various gauges, meters and control panels, and SCADA System
  5. Operates valves either manually or by remote control.
  6. Maintains shift logs and records daily meter, gauge, and test readings as required.
  7. Collects various water samples and performs the required analysis on the samples.
  8. Maintains the proper chemical solutions for analysis and chemicals for treatment
  9. Uses a computer to control and monitor water treatment processes.
  10. Aids in keeping clear all walkways needed to perform the operator’s duties in a safe manner and Maintains good housekeeping practices.
  11. Must be available for emergencies during off-duty hours and be responsible for contacting appropriate personnel.
  12. Responsible for compliance with all established safety standards and regulations.
  13. Performs all other related tasks as directed by the supervisor(s).


  1. Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and Must be in possession of, and continually maintain, a valid Driver's license
  2. High school diploma or GED required.
  3. Must possess a D2 and T1 certification or a minimum of an Operator in Training (OIT) Certificate obtained within 12 months of appointment. (depending on the position vacancy)
  4. Must be trustworthy and dependable.
  5. Must have the ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  6. Use of bench and hand tools, machines, and equipment of the mechanical trades and be able to perform heavy manual labor, which includes lifting, reaching, stretching, and bending